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Hospitality Leaders: Kickstart 2017 by Reading These Five Blogs

As 2016 comes to an end, one thing remains clear for hospitality leaders: never has the industry been in such a state of evolvement as it is today. Today’s rapid pace of innovation has made it more difficult than ever for supervisors to skillfully manage properties, motivate teams and drive memorable guest experiences. Operating costs are climbing, labor conditions are changing, and guest expectations (if not, demands) are rising.

As supervisors, we’re expected to strategically capitalize on opportunities while evading difficulties; it’s our responsibility to get everything done, and to do it masterfully. No one said the job was easy, but I believe it’s worth it—especially as we face a new year full of exciting chances. I believe that 2017 is full of unexplored territory for hotel organizations worldwide. I see this new year as one filled with untapped potential for you and your teams.

Only you know your plans for continued improvement; however, if you’re struggling to create those plans, you might benefit from some must-read materials. To this end, here are my top five blogs from 2016 for forward-thinking hospitality leaders:

Trust me, I understand how easy it can be to get caught up in the “whirlwind funnel.” As hospitality leaders, however, we must continuously ask ourselves: “How can I give back to support my associates and community at large?” At the end of the day, it’s our responsibility to show that we care by leading team members down a path of success and by giving back at the local (and global) level. In today’s world full of political, cultural and social divide, perhaps no other message resonates more right now.

Part of our job as leaders involves continually enhancing marketing techniques to keep up with guest demand and today’s rapid pace of innovation. Most importantly, we must do so in a way that is contextual to our guests’ needs and relevant to our brand. From the “truthful and transparent” strategy to the “less is more” approach, I offer a few tips in this blog for creating a custom marketing campaign designed to engage at every level.

Need I say more? Although research shows that hospitality is currently the fourth happiest industry to work in—a stellar improvement from last year—there is still room to grow. Ultimately, it’s up to us as supervisors to inspire this change. If you’re having trouble getting your associates to open up, there could be a few good reasons why. As an associate evangelist, I can tell you there are some important things your associates want from you (many which, contrary to popular belief, are very simple to achieve).

Ah, the heart of the house. This group of behind-the-scenes workers truly represents the beating heart of any hotel entity. It’s critical that you as a leader support these vital staff members to ensure their satisfaction and success. As a Housekeeping Supervisor, I not only know how important it is to care for this team, but also how difficult it can be to find new ways to creatively drive momentum. Check out this blog for three effective approaches you can take in 2017.

There’s no denying that, today, sophisticated technologies and progressive workplace cultures have led to a new way of thinking, working and collaborating. Hotel staff are now communicating via omni-channel platforms, for example, and managers are training new hires anytime, anywhere via mobile software. Despite this, hospitality remains one of the most face-to-face industries today. As a leader, you must ensure guest service staff (i.e. front desk, concierges, housekeeping, room service) are not only present physically, mentally and emotionally, but optimally performing on a day-to-day basis to ensure an ultimate guest experience. This is where MBWA (manage by walking/wandering around) can become extremely useful.

Here’s to kick starting your best year yet! Be sure to check back for more good reads as we move into the new year. Also, if you think any of these topics would be of interest to (or help support) a manager or rising star supervisor you know, feel free to share this with them! If you’d like to continue the conversation further, feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have about my hospitality and/or leadership approach.

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